Vision 2020 dumped for a new one

With just a year away in achieving economic self-reliance as per vision 2020, the opposition party’s vice president MP Dorji Wangdi raised a question on status of achieving the goal while also highlighting the expenditure to achieve some of the main pledges of the government.

Answering on behalf of the prime minister, Foreign Minister Lyonpo Dr. Tandin Dorji said achieving vision 2020 is merely impossible at the current state.

“While we are aware on budget and expenses on fulfilling the pledges which we kept in mind while allotting the budget for the 12th plan, we need to analyze and understand the vision 2020 for achieving economic self-reliance,” said Lyonpo.

He said the vision 2020 was first created in the year 1999 were there was no mention of introducing democratic governmental system. “That’s why until 2007, the developmental plans were all based on vision 2020.

But after the democratic system was introduced in a country, and consequently when the 10th plan was made, the plans were based on pledges and manifestos since then.”

The focus was lost on the actual vision, he said, while three different governments has taken turn to rule where focus was directed in full filling respective manifestos.

For the vision is to be achieved, he said the government had planned a new vision which the Gross National Happiness Commission will handle.

He said the vision will consider all the element of the democratic system.  “This is because if any government takes over in future, it won’t remain impossible to achieve”

The PM had earlier said keeping in mind, the long-term interests of the country, the government had completed discussions with the Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) on the long-term vision document. A guideline has been developed and a committee had been established to develop the vision document.

The Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC) will lead discussions and take the discussion on the vision forward in consultation with stakeholders and all political parties.

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  1. Sangay Wangdi

    While campaigning government should stick with vision 2020 while creating manifestos so that there won’t be any excuses. But then now 2020 is going and we still don’t achieve so there is no point that country will call off democratic system. Democratic was based main to achieve that vision and they should aware of it rather sticking to manifestos to lure people for vote.

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