Arrests in 2 separate deaths

On 3rd April, Gedu police apprehended a 28-year-old suspect, who went missing after allegedly murdering his estranged wife on 2nd April.  The suspect was arrested in Meretsemo. Police said the suspect was found drunk.

The suspect has confessed to murdering his 22-year-old wife. The wife was staying at her sister ’s place in Arekha. She was alone in the house during the time of her death. She died due to excessive bleeding caused by multiple head injuries.  Both the suspect and the deceased are from Bongo, Chukha.

The couple was married for the past 7 years. A week before the murder, the deceased took shelter at her sister’s place in Arekha.In the morning of 2nd April, the suspect went to his estranged wife with a request to compromise or to divorce legally. Since the deceased failed to listen to his request, he landed up committing the crime out of sheer anger.

Dagana  police apprehended a 24-year-old man for involuntary manslaughter in the death of a 14-year-old boy on 1st April. The initial complaint was received, as a suicide case, on the same day around 5 pm, however, after investigation, suicide was ruled out, and it found to be an involuntary manslaughter case.

Police said that the suspect had directly got hold of the deceased neck whereby the deceased died of strangulation at 3 pm. The suspect then dragged the body of the deceased into the kitchen to hang him on a loom frame with the help of Kera (belt).

During the time of incident, the suspect was under the influence of alcohol. As per the suspect’s statement to the police, he committed the crime when the deceased provoked him by calling him a thief and an alcoholic.

The deceased was a class six student of Nimtola Primary School while the suspect is a farmer. Both the suspect and deceased are from Dorona, Dagana.

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