Damchoe Pem

Judicial system and cases impacted by the pandemic

Like any other sector, the judicial system in the country is equally impacted by the pandemic. As the courts in the country could not function during lockdown, many people got stranded both in custody and outside custody. Moreover, adjudications were getting stopped and court hearing kept getting postponed as they …

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Lockdown and filing your PIT, BIT and CIT taxes

The second National Lockdown came right towards the end of the year when people either calculate the tax payable or pay them. The second lockdown also left behind an economic and revenue impact for many businesses which would impact their taxes. Finance Minister Namgay Tshering, said, “The Majority of the …

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Two lockdowns impact Build Bhutan Project

Build Bhutan Project (BBP) was launched in June last year but the engagement and registration of the applicants could be done only in the month of August. Few days after the deployment of the applicants in the field, the first lockdown took place with which they failed to facilitate further …

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