Bhutan National League picks up heat

IMG_5450In the first match of the Coca Cola Bhutan National League, the Drukpol FC defeated Ugyen Academy FC 2 for 1 at the Changlimithang ground.

Match 2 which was also played at the Changlimithang grounds between Zimdra FC and Ugyen academy FC ended 0 and 1. Yeedzin FC defeated Phuentsholing FC 2 to 1 in Match 3 of the national league, which was played in the PSA Ground. It was an easy win for Drukpol FC when they scored 5 against Samtse FC 1, in the match played in Samtse.

Pema, one of the players from Yeedzin FC said “luck favored us in Phuentsholing and we won”.

There are six teams taking part in the Coca Cola Bhutan national league 2012. Four matches have been played till today.

In other Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) events, the BOC has started intense training for international Saba basket ball championship match which will be held in Dhaka from 17 to 25 January 2013.

The 12 players have been selected and they are undergoing intense training. The players are being trained by coach Kimkiyong, from Korea.

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