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Response to ‘Druk Mitser Tshogpa dissolves in favor of a ‘youth organization’

DMNT has 60% of the votes of the population as per quote by The Bhutanese of Dasho Penjor Dorj! Why don’t they form their own party instead?

By Hu


Question is can this political party be endorsed by ECB if it doesn’t want to contest in an election.

Won’t it function like RSS in India?

By Defox


Response to ‘ACC defends its suspension order’

It’s simple & crystal clear about the merits of ACC’s stand. The argument from OAG seems naive & irrelevant. ACC seems to have considered the consequences at work even with the suspension of these elected officials. That is really a good start. Best of luck for ACC.

By Yeshi Namgay

ACC also quoted this section which is section 167 (2).” According to this section ‘A public servant who is charged with an offence under this Act shall be suspended with effect from the date of the charge till pending the outcome of any appeals.’

My doubt or question is three people involve in Gyelpozhing is charged under Thrimzhung Chhenmo and penal code. Section 167 (2) says charged with an offence under this Act. Now question is can ACC do so. Offences are under Thrimzhung and penal code and suspension under ACC act. If you read above sections carefully, those three people can be suspended if Thrimzhung and penal code gives suspension powers to ACC. otherwise, ACC has no power at all.

By Core PDP


Why I do not believe in OAG?

1.  They do not study the case in detail. Within 9 days they found out the ACC investigation baseless? Is this possible?

2. They did not take even a day to approach HC to restrain the ACC’s suspension order. Do you think that they have looked all the acts which apply in this case within a couple of hours?

3. They need to study the case thoroughly, this not a joke. It sends wrong signal to the public.   Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi, AG, please do not take this case like you used to give extempore speech when you were at Sherubtse. You are the AG of the Country.

By Lamsel

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