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Response to, “PDP says it will do away with Pedestrian Day”


Never understood why DPT started the Pedestrian day in the first place. They enforced rules using police, who were ordered to not let a single vehicle inside the town. Business in border towns like Phuentsholing and Samdrupjongkhar dried up as people walked across the border to do shopping. While in bigger towns, some people drove around the town as they had to reach children to school or go to hospital, leading to extra fuel burning and more costs, defeating the very stated objective of Pedestrian day. We might have more bans and high handed policies if DPT is back in power.



In general, the Pedestrian’s Day is a very good initiative. Unfortunately, forcing the Pedestrian’s Day on the population is not very positive. Instead, the government can consider an alternative. If we are very concerned with the environmental impact due to lot of cars, there are solutions to tackle that. One solution can be that the government makes a law similar to European countries where you are allowed only one car per family. If a family has more than one car, then tax the additional cars heavily. The other solution is to improve public transportation.



Response to, “Unfulfilled promises of DPT highlighted in upcoming book on 2013 Elections.’



It is understandable that 100% is not achievable but at the same time why to make pledges which is/were not manageable? And I didn’t understand why there are differences in figure between state of nation report and the coming book?

It is obvious and any ruling government will put forward best part at front in the state of nation report, so there should be another report to highlight the other side and prevent an unhealthy democracy in future. It will alert us that lies should not be reflected in official document to harness future votes.

I welcome the coming book so that there is a complete picture of the nation. Congratulations to the publisher for researching and writing the book. It will be reference to politicians and policy makers.



This book comprises of the “transparent” pledges left by DPT after completion of their term with “Equity and Justice”. This book must be read and reached to every Bhutanese citizen before the general election and in particular eastern Bhutan where people are still blind folded with notion of every development is bought by the former government and without their presence as MPs everything will get freeze. Well this is the time where a learned Bhutanese people can take an active role in disseminating such information to the rural people in east where they are still in a state of confusion.


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