Open letter to the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

“For many of us, your career has been a model to follow”

15th November 2014 is Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye’s day. The day when not only the people of Bhutan but the entire South Asian legal community and fraternity honours him for his contribution par excellence to the diverse fields of the region especially law; and bids farewell with heavy heart. My association with the ever smiling Lynpo has been exceptionally close, personal and emotional.

Sir, you are a man who makes one comfortable right from the moment you shake hands with the person. You are humble, kind, gentle, sensitive and above all large hearted.

You have been a great asset and will continue as such for the legal fraternity of the region. I have always appreciated your openness and willingness to accept responsibilities that were often beyond your normal domain.

For many of us, your career has been a model to follow. I can’t count the times, I have contacted you to seek your extremely invaluable and prudent advice. You truly have made success out of all the tasks you undertook and ensured selflessly that each one of your team member saw growth.

As you retire knowing that you have made a remarkable contribution and have touched the lives of your juniors and colleagues in immeasurable ways.

Many would be sad on your retirement but I envy the lifestyle you would lead henceforth with leisure and pleasure. I am sure that you are one of those who without shutting the door of the past will open a new door to the future, take a deep breath and step forward to a new chapter in life.

Retirement will be a change but also an opportunity for you. I hope you will finally do the traveling you have been talking about, and that you will also write that book. You have been wise in the way you have planned your retirement. I hope it will work out well and please drop in to visit me in Delhi from time to time.

You have right over your respective duty only, but no control or claim over the results. The fruits of work should not be yourmotive. You should never be inactive.


Hemant Batra from India

Secretary General of the SAARC LAW 

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