Thimphu NC elect promises to consult people

Leki Tshering, a former teacher from Ge-nyen gewog in Thimphu, received 3,151 EVM  and 951 Postal Ballot votes ( 4,102 votes) to win the NC Elections 2023. It was his second time running in the NC Elections.

Leki Tshering expressed his gratitude and added, “I am happy, after winning the NC Elections 2023. I succeeded, and I believe it was made possible by the support of the people of Thimphu as well as my family, friends, and relations.”

He also believes, “It’s all because I took part in the NC Election before, even though I didn’t win, I made the decision not to give up and was determined to do my best and took a chance.”

As a result, a deliberate effort was made to go door-to-door and inform the community of his goals during the campaigning period.

“I believe that people wanted to give me a chance at the same time,” he added.

Now that Leki Tshering has succeeded in obtaining his objective of serving as Thimphu’s NC delegate. He intends to keep his word and carry out his obligations.

“It is the NC’s responsibility to develop legislation that are in the interests of the people. I’ll make sure that there is adequate consultation with the members during that process, then I’ll talk to people and contribute to creating laws that reflect the times,” he said.

He is interested in protecting the idea that a law should be in the best interests of the country and the people.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education. His diverse professional experience includes working for 11 years in teaching and five years in the private sector as a farmer and in the tourism industry.

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