Cardamom replacing paddy in drought areas

Many farmers in cardamom producing dzongkhags, like Sarpang, Chukha, Tsirang, Samtse and Dagana are reaping the benefits from their cardamom plantations. The profit is considerably huge compared to other cash crops. The steady source of revenue from cardamom business has helped the farmers to live a relatively comfortable life.

Farmers are now growing cardamom in every nook and corner of their land including the wet land and even in their flower gardens.

A farmer, ganesh gurung, from Dagana has opted to grow cardamom on his wet land due to the shortage of water and lack of irrigation channel. He said he did not want to leave the wet land fallow.

“Due to lack of irrigation channel, we can’t grow paddy in the field. In the past, our main income used to be oranges, but now the business is not going well because the oranges are affected by diseases, so ultimately we have to stick with cardamom,” ganesh gurung said.

Another farmer, Om Badhur, said, “We have learnt that cardamom is the best way to earn money. With the little dry land I have, I can’t produce much on it.”

According to the Dzongkhag Agriculture Officer (DAO) in Dagana, Passang Tshering, such farm practices are being studied where wet land is being used for other crop cultivation instead of paddy.

So far, a notice has been given to Tashiding gewog in Dagana about the misuse of wet land. However, after the study to understand the situation is complete, only then action will be taken.

“We can’t directly impose a penalty on them because we need to understand the cause first, and make a proposal for the irrigation channel,” the DAO added.

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