Former Gup Vs Gaydrung for Samkhar gup election

In Samkhar gewog, experience triumphed in the chiwog zomdu held last week to finalise the nominations for gup contestants.

Of the four aspiring gup candidates in the gewog, a former Gup and the Gewog Gaydrung went through the nominations with majority votes.

Former Gup Sonam Dorji defeated his uncle Jangchub Tenzin securing 62 of 111 votes cast during the zomdu in Kapang Yenang Dangsa chiwog.

“The result clearly shows that they truly appreciate my services for the last 16 years as a Gup” Sonam Dorji said. “It means a lot even to win from the chiwog.”

Sonam Dorji said that with 15 years as a gup he understood the problems and aspirations of the people in his gewog very well.“Given the second chance I pledge to serve them even better,” he said.

Contesting from Bikhar- Dhomkhar chiwog former Gaydrung Karma, 39, secured 215 of the 289 votes cast to secure the nomination and beat Darjey, 37, a professional driver of commercial vehicles.

“People are now more educated on the voting process and they know whom to vote for and what kind of people to vote for,” Karma said.

On his chances of winning in the final round of election on 27 September Karma said that it would depend upon the people.

Karma served as Gaydrung for 15 years and is aware of hardship people go through. “I pledge to serve the people with utmost dedication,” Karma said.

Samkhar gewog has more than 650 households with a population of 6000 people in four chiwogs.


This story was made possible with gracious fund support from Bhutan Media Foundation and SDC under the Local Government Election grant.

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