Rant of the times

(tashi gyeltshen)

The Governor of RMA says the country is broke. There is a severe rupee crunch. The national debt is at the highest. The government spending is very high.

The housing loan bubble could burst. McKinsey took half a billion ngulturm. Unemployment is on the rise. Big businesses get subsidy. No clear sign of small-scale and cottage industries.

Farmers still suffer. Development still concentrated in Thimphu.

What is the occupancy at IT Park? Politicians raised their own salary. Government not interested to pass the RTI Act.

House rent soaring. Tobacco banned, but new distillery started.

Youth stabbing each other. Parliamentarians becoming moral police. There is a worrying drugs problem but essential drugs shortage worry patients.

No creativity, no innovation. Buddhism becoming a ritual. Culture becoming a ritual. Poor remaining poor, rich becoming richer. Land scams after land scams.


What else do you want?

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  1. even seeds take time to turn into flowers. Government’s plan and programme would too. Leaders of every organization, local and central government too should be little proactive….all in all, good going

  2. phuntsho tobgay

    you are a really pessimistic and negative minded person

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