Response to ‘Eminent traditional medicine master bows out to new rules’

“In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.”- Anatole Francis

Dargo Tashi


How could any one issue such a letter to a person like him. If things are not okay the government should assist him to bring things upto the present level. I and many of my family members have greatly benefitted from him. It is a big humiliation. Do we treat our founders, makers and our builders of the nation in such a manner. Such a shame.

Tsering Dorji


That’s the sincere gratitude to 56 years of dedicated service to the nation paid by the Medical Council.

Sangay Khandu


I don’t foresee any catastrophes as long as his treatment is serving the purpose of patients. I had been consulting doctors of JDWNRH and Kawajangsa hospitals for five consecutive years before I switched to Dungtsho Sherab since I was suffering from the deadly disease of sinusitis. It was flabbergasting to receive his blessing where my life threatening problem was eased within a few months. So now what sort of lapses did Medical Council discover in his service?


 Karma Wangdi


His knowledge of treatment seems incredible. Is there no way that government can issue him a official permit to treat ( license to treat) by collecting nominal fees?He can keep the record of collection and file taxes. This way he will help patients, pay taxes and earn something for himself.

Tshering Yonten


On one hand we complain we lack medical professionals and more importantly professionalism. I have visited the venerable Dungstho twice and have benefitted both physically and spiritually from his impartial care. The medical council of Bhutan should be ashamed of themselves. They should also convey their apology to a great man, with the eagerness that they issued him the warning. While we rise as a nation, let’s not step on honourable men and woman to do so!

Karma Dendup


I offer my heartfelt gratitude to his eminent Dungtsho Sherab for serving the needy people.

It is so sad to hear Bhutan Medical Council doing such mistake. Yes there are many laws and rules in Bhutan but that is why Bhutan is not developing. Laws and rules are only for those who are helpful and for those who are poor. There are no laws and rules for those who are rich n powerful. Shame on medical council.

Pasang Dorgie


With all the dedication and service for 56 years and being one of the founders of traditional indigenous hospital today in Kawajangsa, a great and popular Dungtsho like him has been paid by issuing such letter from those senseless people. There isn’t a single negative perspective for his treatment, rather patients are benefitted and they are more thankful than ever. We Bhutanese should open our eyes and raise our voices in such cases and support our Dungtsho Sherab Jorden in his step to forward and continue his profession like before because we don’t see any wrong thing if needy patients are being treated by his treatment. It’s a shame for the Council.


Dasel Tshomo


The great Dungtsho Sherab Jorden, for his 56 years of service is being appreciated and repaid in this way by the senseless and inhuman medical council. It’s shameful on their part to issue such letter to an innocent and dedicated Dungtsho. His service as of now has only benefitted people. There were no such cases where people were harmed. Even the late Royal Grandmother and other great Lams were rendered the services of the Drungtsho. So in what sense is his treatment harmful?  Please think of this.



Everything has a reason. It is very important that we study the facts of both parties and then conclude. Reading the letter above, it gives an impression that MCB has unfairly treated honorable Drungtsho. But he has not mentioned why he is being disallowed from practicing further. As a responsible body, MCB must be having enough reasons to do so. Otherwise, I don’t see any reason for MCB to serve warning letter to a person who has experience of 56 years in medicine and served ordinary to high profile patients. The Bhutanese paper should have mentioned full content of the letter of MCB, then the story would have been complete.

Needup Dorji


56 years of a dedicated service to the nation but alas what a payback!



Great Dungtsho who helped shape our traditional medicine. May Kenchosum bless you for all times to come.

Sherab Tenzin



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