Response to, “No More Ped day”

Great decision, it makes no sense to drive your car all the way up to the core town, walk few meters and call it a Pedestrian day. Stupid implementation of a politicized idea.

Phub Tshering

Good one there PDP. You get 10/10 for this.


Bravo! Next lift the car import ban. Government cannot ban but may restrict car loans. Research has shown that ‘Banning Policies’ worsen the economy. Change for Good Thanks for lifting the pedestrian day

Lamichaney MN

It’s good to have no Pedestrian Day and also thanks to PDP for bringing down the price of LPG and SK Oil. We hope to see lots of changes in our country.


Well done PDP. Great it will now be comfortable to do anything during the weekend.

Ganga R Adhikhari


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