Two pedestrian deaths in a month

With two pedestrian deaths in a month in Thimphu, the traffic division of the Royal Bhutan Police is cautioning both motorists and pedestrians to be more cautious and alert.

Following the hit and run case in the early hours of June 21 where a 27-year-old man died after being hit by a speeding vehicle in Changzamtog, a 70-year-old woman died of injuries on the evening of July 14 after she was hit by a light vehicle in Kabesa, Thimphu.

The woman from Tshakaling, Mongar, was walking in the of the uphill road when she was hit by a light vehicle driven by a 26 year old woman with a learner driving license. Her husband who has a valid driving license was with her at the time of the incident.

The deceased, who suffered a rib fracture, was given a first aid but died on reaching hospital.

Police suspect that the vehicle could not be controlled while negotiating the uphill road bend. Police said that although the suspect fulfills the criteria required of a learner she has been detained for further investigation.

Police said that such incidents take place due to human error, where the driver does not see what is in front of them and pedestrians do not check left right before crossing the road.

“Pedestrian should cross the road after checking and always choose left side of the road, footpath to walk and follow zebra crossings if any,” a traffic police official said. “Some motorists avoid using indicator and failing to do so is liable for a penalty.”

He said that motorists are not going to use the indicator unless they start implementing the penalty. There is also a penalty for pedestrians who fail to abide the pedestrian rules such as using the zebra crossing and standing in the middle of the road.

“So far, we have not imposed fines on pedestrians because we need to have proper facilities to avoid allegations,” he said.

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