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Development activities still pending in Gomdar gewog

A new multipurpose hall (MPH) is under construction for a budget of Nu 230,000. The only community primary school (CPS) in the gewog is under maintenance with the budget from the education sector.

The development activities which have been completed in the gewog are the Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) in Rinchang measuring two and half kilometers, two kilometers in Chidungkhar, one kilometer in Khoyar and one and half kilometers in Menchuang with a budget of Nu 200,000

One kilometer of irrigation channel was recently completed with a budget of Nu 700,000.

Rest development activities are still under construction.

(Sonam Wangmo)



Gongdu gewog left with 14 km farm road for this financial year

Development works in Gongdu gewog is almost complete for this financial year and currently the gewog is underway with 14 km farm road from Daksa Gewog Centre (GC) to Weringla.

So far the gewog has completed 22 kms of farm road construction.

The gewog is done with other development activities like Rural Water Supply Schemes (RWSS), Lhakhang renovations except for the new constructions and maintenance works.

With the completion of this farm road people of Daksa, Weringla, Salabi, Pangthang and Damkhar will be benefitted which constitute about 60 households.

As of now, the gewog is underway with review for the development works of tenth five year plan.

(Tashi Deki)


Phuentsholing still left with the constructions

Seven kilometers of a farm road alongside the river Paa chu is still under construction which started last October the budget allocated for which is Nu 400,000.

The Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) is also still under construction in Serela and Paa chhu chiwog measuring one kilometer and one and a half kilometer respectively for a budget of Nu 200,000.

An extentional roof of the gewog office for the ground development is also under construction with the allocated budget of Nu 200,000.

Gup Ram Bdr. Ghalley said “we are hoping the construction will be completed by the end of this month as these schemes are very important for the local people of the gewog”.

Other development activities such as outreach clinics (ORCs) are also under construction.

(Sonam Wangmo)



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