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Gewog’s development activities still under process

Nichula / Dagana

With the budget of Nu 1mn, nine and a half kilometers of farm road from Hurdung zam to Alley chiwog is still under construction.

The gewog’s irrigational channel is also under construction in Bichgoan chiwog with the budget allocated of Nu 450,000.

The rural water supply scheme (RWSS) in the gewog is still underway with the maintenance in Daragoan to Bhudar chiwog with one and half kilometers and the budget is Nu 650,000.

The gewog’s communication information center is also under construction with the budget of Nu 1.7mn.

Meanwhile, the other development activities are also all underway.


(Sonam Wangmo)




Gewog gets internet access


Drujeygang / Dagana

In an opening ceremony on the first of this month the department of information and technology (DIT) opened internet access and services for the gewog people.

Gup Thinley Wangchuk said “It is very important to have such facilities for the people in the Gewog as they can learn more about the outer world and the get exposed to the world”.

The developmental activities in the Gewog are nine kilometers of a farm land from Pangna chiwog to Bhudichhu with a budget of Nu 8.7mn and six kilometers from Drujeygang throm to Patala with a budget of Nu73 lakhs which is still under construction.

Three kilometers of irrigation channels are also under construction in Yesupchi chiwog. The budget allocated for this is Nu 2.8mn.


(Sonam Wangmo)


Jamkhar gewog to complete road construction by first year of the 11th FYP

The renovation works for the Basic Health Unit (BHU) staff quarters was completed by November and gewog waits for the budget to complete the road constructions.

All the planned activities for the 10th Five Year Plan have been completed before the June closing last year.

However “the road from Chema till Taechema is still under construction as it could not be completed in the assigned time period,” said the Gewog Gup Cheku.

From the 7 kms of road construction, only 2 kms was completed and it would be completed in this plan period.

Gup Cheku said that the limited budget was the main barrier for completion of the road construction. Meanwhile the gewog hopes to complete the pending works before the first year of the 11th Five Year Plan.

With the construction’s completion, more than 120 households would be benefited.

Today they have to walk for more than two hours carrying their goods and other items for their livelihood.

(Thinley Wangmo)


Annual Consultative workshop

A four day long workshop on Market Access and Growth Intensification Project (MAGIP) and Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB) began yesterday in Samdrup Jongkhar.

About 50 officials from the RNR sector, accountants and budget officers from six eastern dzongkhags and project staffs, sector managers and representative of the Netherland Development Organization took part in the workshop.

The objectives of the workshop are to jointly prepare & finalize annual work plans & budget 2013-14, discuss & address financial aspects/issues, and sensitize the Dzongkhag staff on project Gender Mainstreaming (GM) and Knowledge Management (KM) strategies.

The ongoing workshop would also cover the principle changes and revised cost table after the midterm review (MTR) conducted by the IFAD.

The workshop is an annual event to discuss and finalize annual work plan and budget for the succeeding year. It is organized by the Project Coordination Unit (PCU).

The workshop concludes tomorrow.

(Tanden Zangmo)


Sarpang Tsechu concludes

The three-day Sarpang Tsechu in Gelephu Dungkhag which was conducted since 19 January concluded on 21 January, 2013.

Many people gathered on the last day of the Gelephu Tsechu, dressed in their best colorful silk clothes to witness the chams (mask dances) and also to get blessings.

On the last day of the Tsechu, Guru Tshengye Chams were performed and people received blessings from the Guru Tshengye.

Along with the local residents, people from different places as well came to witness the Tsechu.

Talking with some of the spectators, one of the students from Deothang, Pema Dema, said though Tsechu is conducted annually at Samdrup Jongkhar, she couldn’t make it. And she feels lucky to make it this time for such an auspicious ceremony.

She added saying, “I am happy to get the opportunity to witness the holy chams which I missed for past two years”.

Likewise Ugyen, a civil servant working in Gelephu said in his three years term, he missed Tshechu as well as blessings during his stay there in India.

He said, “It is great to witness the Tsechu as well as gather with friends and relatives and have a lunch together”.

“At this time of the year most people are tension free. It’s one moment where people leave their worries back at home or at offices,” he said.

The Tshechu ceremony is conducted at Tali Dratshang, Gelephu.

(Tashi Deki)


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