Rethinking the future of Tourism after COVID

The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) on friday launched a Bi-monthly program to provide platform for multisectoral stakeholder discussion named as Bhutan Tourism Dialogue. Director General (DG) of TCB Dorji Dhradhul said that the Bhutan Tourism Dialogue is one of the many interventions that the Royal Government of Bhutan is …

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Vegetable prices shoot up

The pandemic has caused vegetable prices to increase in the capital. Potato and cauliflower were available at Nu 50 kg and Nu 120 a kg, respectively, as against Nu 35 and Nu 100 a kg few months ago. While the prices of tomatoes and onion in retail market jumped to …

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PM not in favour of tax reduction

The Private Sector Task Force for COVID-19 has proposed the reduction of taxes as one way to help spur new investments and growth and potentially get in new FDI. The idea behind reduction in taxes is that the government anyhow would not get any revenue if there is no income …

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