Education Minister Jai Bir Rai

If COVID-19 is kept at bay then rest of the students and college students could resume their classes by August: Education Minister

Education Minister Jai Bir Rai said if COVID-19 can be curbed or kept at bay then the rest of the students and college students who are currently at home could resume their classes by August this year.

Lyonpo is visiting schools in the dzongkhags to inspect how schools are coping with the health protocols set in the new normal.

In a recent three-day visit to the schools in Haa, the Education Minister Jai Bir Rai said all three schools, including a private school, are doing great. Lyonpo Jai Bir Rai said the students and teachers have adapted to the new normal and maintained the health protocols while conducting their classes.

Jampel High School has initiated the safety measure to convert all the day-scholars students as borderers for a minimal fee. Lyonpo said while on his visit to the schools there, the students and teachers are serious about tackling the current pandemic as they have maintained the health protocols effectively. In Gongzim Ugyen Dorji High school, there are different timings for class X and XII students. Lyonpo said even their break time is different in order to avoid crowding among the students.

As for the scientific findings on how the coronavirus is airborne, Lyonpo shared that the government is worried about the children. He said it is, therefore, important for all the school going children to use all the precautionary measures. The ministry is taking the proactive precautionary measures which is why the students, especially day scholars, are not allowed to loiter around after the schools gets over.

Lyonpo said even if  the virus is airborne, the virus will not be traveling a long distance, however, the education ministry is trying to enforce strict social or physical distancing among the students in the schools. In addition, it is very important for all the students to build a strong immune system.

“It is scary and we are worried, but the reality must be faced and accepted,” Lyonpo added.

In terms of providing a good diet to the students, Lyonpo said the ministry has been providing the best diet to the students to build their immune system, as good food for the children is very important to fight against any kind of disease. The ministry has also initiated the ‘Take-Home Ration’ distribution for the school children, especially the most vulnerable ones, said Lyonpo.

“Not only providing education, taking care of children and their health is also our responsibility,” said Lyonpo.

Meanwhile, Lyonpo expects every student to put an extra effort during such times, and also requested the students to come forward if they have some suggestions or feedback to the education ministry.

“I was disheartened since most had only to complain about e-Learning. I expected that students would come up with the solutions as to how they would prefer learning. The ministry would have been happy to help.”

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  1. If schools open at August then how will teachers teach the students, they will teach very fast and hence there will be many failures.I would like to suggest that we all students should repeat next year, and continue there education or learning at Google classroom just to let them study for the next year to get perfect score in there examinations, And what if 1 student or any people gets covid 19 then it’s all over for Bhutan. Please I solely recommend not to open school this year at all cost Please rethink about the school la. Safety of country is the first priority not education we can learn much as we want if we are alive.

  2. I personally think that Opening schools for 2-3 months will do no good la. What if there are some community transmissions and it gets speed in schools? We are told that we should not gather in a large number and not go to gatherings. What about schools? Schools like YHSS has about 1000 students, if classes 9s and 11s resume, the whole school basically resumes too. I know that we’ll be taking precautionary measures but since we’ll all come back to school, there won’t be extra class rooms and we won’t be able to keep the “6 feet” distance which is required., and each class holds abut 50 students and is quite packed.
    Please reconsider this decision

  3. I think e-learning is effective if students adjust their time for learning. For me e-learning is a very good way to study. If we didnt understand one concept then we can re visit classes in e-learning session. We can even clear our doubts through that. We get no hesitation in asking doubts to teachers like we do in normal classes. So i think its a very good way to take classes through e-learning.

  4. It would be best to learn things in face to face with teacher rather than have online classes which not so effective like classroom learning.

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