One arrested in connection with stabbing case in Thimphu

Police apprehended a 25 year old man in Thimphu on 15th September at around 4:10 am in the morning in connection with stabbing a 29 year old man.  The incident took place on the mid night of 14 September when a fight broke out between two of them in Hong Kong market.

The victim managed to escape from the fighting scene; however, the suspect managed to get hold of him near Etho Metho Plaza and stabbed him from behind. The complaint was made to 113 by a person when he saw the victim bleeding.

After reaching the crime scene, immediately, the police with the help of victim looked for the suspect and managed to arrest him on the early morning of 15 September. The victim sustained minor injury. The police said that they were known to each other and the fight broke out due to some misunderstanding.

The police seized the Dozum (knife) from the suspect but the suspect denied having used the dozum to stab the victim. The suspect denied saying that he used a snooker ‘que stick’ to stab the victim. However, the suspect has been detained for further investigation.

15th September was a Friday night showing once again higher fights and such crime rates during weekends with the influence of easy availability of alcohol and more number of people moving out in discos, bars etc.

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