PDP takes its pledges to Trashiyangtse

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) supporters and well wishers received the party president Tshering Tobgay in Trashiyangtse.

Right after meeting the people in town, the president along with his wife and the supporters proceeded towards the auditorium where more than 200 people were patiently awaiting the president.

After greeting the people, the


PDP president informed the gathering of the new political parties in the fray.

He said the important things that should be considered while choosing the right party are their ideologies, promises, and the capabilities of candidates. “And whoever you think would benefit the country and its people, that party should be voted,” the PDP president said.

He then went on to explain PDP’s ideology
– Wangtse Chhirpel (power to the people) stressing on the need to empower the local government, and promised the people to provide the need-based facilities at the grassroots level.

A question from the audience to the president asked on the return of the Prado Soelra.

“It was not at all a Soelra. Who wouldn’t want to cherish a Soelra from His Majesty the King? For every kidu that is being granted, a kasho comes along with it. The Prado didn’t,” he said.

The other question was on Rupee crisis. To this, he said that a lot of unnecessary expenditures have been made such as the McKinsey project and others to aggravate the problem.

“We have not reached a situation where spending has been completely restricted. We can route the spending to the needy things like buying power tillers for villages and others,” he said.

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  1. Its such a pity that our society is so naive and ill informed and the population gets carried away by the false promises of selfish politicians. In real sense the armed forces should never be discussed in their political dialogues. They have nothing to do with the armed forces. Does the South Thimphu candidate knows anything about the budgetary allocations of the armed forced?. Does she know our Govt doesn’t have any hand in that. Pension to the retired personnel of the armed forces????, is she going to cough that out from her pocket?. She or anybody for that matter first should understand whats its all about and yap. Just for the sake of votes dont just give a shot in the dark blindly. For heave’s sake please leave the armed forces aside………..and involve in healthy political talks in the larger interest of the nation. One should never venture into the unknown areas for own personnel greed and self interest

    • Bravo Bravo ” Ha Ha Ha”. Now bhutan is left on the hand of Triple Gem – Kenchog Sum. I have confident on citizens that they know finally where to be voted. Lets join our hands and pray.
      In the name of democracy, greedy people now started take advantage for their personal gain.

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