RJ murderer was tracked through a stolen mobile

Thimphu police arrested an 18 year old student on 13 January 2016 in connection to a death of a Radio Jockey, which took place on 2 January after carrying out an intensive investigation.

The accused is a class eight-pass student and has a record of being ex-convict who was involved in a ‘malicious mischief’ case. The suspect is from Dagana.

On investigation, it was found that, the deceased originally possessed a mobile phone and wallet with some cash, which was missing when the body was found. After recovering the mobile cover of the deceased from his house, they could track the suspect with the help of the IMEI number of the phone.

It was learned that the suspect was using the mobile phone after three days and so the suspect was arrested from clock tower.

When police recovered the body of the deceased, nothing was found from the scene but later on when the suspect was arrested, all the belongings of the victim was with him and was seized from the suspect.

Police said that, they have seized a mobile phone and a recorder, which belonged to the victim, but they could not find victim’s wallet.

Upon interrogation of the suspect, police said that he confessed to the crime saying he hit the deceased with a wooden bat whereby the deceased fell down.

The incident happened after the deceased according to the accused verbally abused him and charged him when he went to urinate.

It is said that the suspect was on his way home before he encountered with the deceased but after the assault on the RJ he did not go home and instead he came back to the scene and saw the decease still lying and breathing.

The suspect than placed the jacket on the RJ’s body. Police said that when they visited the scene the deceased was found half covered with the jacket.

Police said, “The bank account statement of the deceased also confirms that he has withdrawn only Nu 500 and Nu 700 on two different transaction on 31 December 2015”

The suspect is under custody and police are further investigating the case.



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