Former Mangmi to contest for Gup in Pling Gewog

Phuentsholing gewog has nominated its former Mangmi to contest for Gup.

Chandra Man Rai, 37, from Linding Chiwog served as Mangmi of Phuentsholing gewog since 2004. He completed higher secondary education from Thimphu in 2003.

Now after 13 years as Mangmi, Chandra Man Rai is contesting for gup. “I never thought of contesting for the post but since my mates, friends and people wanted me to take part I am doing it. I am also taking part because our former gup didn’t want to re-contest,” he said.

He said that, if he is elected he won’t find much difficulty or may not face much challenges because of the experience of serving as Mangmi. He also said that the roles and responsibilities are all same and Mangmi serves as officiating gup whenever the gup is out of station.

Talking about pledges the former Mangmi said won’t give false promises to the people. “I will do what is necessary but according to the plans. We need money to make a promise which is difficult and this is why I don’t want to pledge but work for the gewog development within the government allocated budget,” he said. “Pledging during the time of election is a way to get blamed by the people in the end and in this situation people would start hating the candidate,” the former mangmi said adding that people are aware of the false promises made by the candidate during campaign.

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